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We are NeighBro team and we are in a permanent search for solutions to saturate and optimize your lifestyle and communication. Save your time managing house bills, influence the life of your building and best services in the area in one click.


You can add your family or own appartment to pay, control or split bills

Device support

Our application is available at web, iOS, Android

Neighbors collaboration

Stay tuned with your neighbors. Easy chat, and stay in touch with place of living news.

Opinions and solutions

Start new survey and gather opinions about all around the world.

Manage Payments

Pay your bills, share your bills, split your bills, know your bills.

Professional home services

Add your service or use existing service in neighborhood.

  • We Are Professionals
  • We Love Making Smart Things
  • We give our client 200% success
  • This Is NeighBro project

Problems and solutions

Lost of control over the bills?

Use NeighBro Payments where all the bills are in one place with an easy access to payments history.


Leakage in the house. What to do?

Chat with neighbors to quickly find the reason. Call a professional with one click to fix everything.


Is the neighbor's dog barking all day long?

Easily find the owners and connect with them to solve the problem.


Do you want to repaint the front door?

Start a survey and gather residents’ opinions.


Do you want to split the bill?

With NeighBro Payments you may split any bill with your roommates or residents.


Want to earn some money helping neighbors?

With NeighBro Marketplace easily get your advertisement shown to local neighborhood..


Want to pay your grandma’s bill?

Payments are address-bound, not personal anymore.

Communication based on address | Splitting payments | Opinion is always considered
Marketplace for home services | ID for payment is Address


  • For tenants
  • For building managers
  • For utility providers
  • For small business

economic benefits

It doesn't matter which kind of consumer of NeighBro you are - tenant, house owner, business owner etc. With our product we can help you to save money and definitely to get economic benefits.


Up to


benefits you can get
in one year

save Up to

60 hours

for not necessary

raise up to


for gathering
bills payment online
business owner

earn Up to


at local marketplace
in one year

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We are a group of enthusiasts and professionals. Invention, development, design are our leading qualities.

Denis Brovarnyy
CEO / Business developer
Andrey Kurbanov
Chief technology officer
Alexey Meleshko
Back-end and Android developer

Vlad Papava
Android Developer

Vladislav Dorfman
iOS Developer
Mike Gurevich

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